Comsan, is a family business founded in Gavà, Barcelona (Spain) in 1963. Dedicated since its origins to the manufacture of toilet seats and covers, in phenolic resin (PF) and urea resin (UF) mainly for Roca, world leader in manufacturing of sanitary ware, in a relationship that has been going on for more than 5 decades.

  The effort of the entire human team that is part of the Comsan staff focused on the product, makes of our toilet seats and covers, both urea and phenolic resin, to be recognized for their unique characteristics as well as for the quality of our production process and due to the composition and quality of its materials, designs and finishes. Comsan is a clear benchmark in the sector worldwide, with manufacturing sites in Gava, Barcelona (Spain) and Suzhou, Shanghai (China), and backed by more than 80.000.000 toilet seats installed over the world
  The mission of our company is to offer sanitary porcelain manufacturers a global OEM * solution for the design, development, manufacture and supply of toilet seats, subject to the highest standards of quality and service, backed by the experience that gives us the manufacture of more than 80 million units.

*OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer

  Quality Policy

COMSAN S.A is an industrial family company, specialized in the production of toilet seats and bidet covers, pressed with phenolic resin and/or urea.

COMSAN S.A ’s management is responsible for and acquires the commitment for the establishment and development of a Quality System addressed to satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations, both external and internal, as well as the compliance with the applicable legal requirements.

In the same way, the organization is aware and committed to the implementation and promotion of a culture of continuous improvement. Our aim should always be to boost the development of our team in search of excellence.

The Quality Policy presented here must be known and put into practice by all the staff of COMSAN S.A, with the aim of enhancing the professional skills and competences of the staff, and with the mission of achieving an optimal performance of the task in terms of product quality and service of the company.

Therefore, the organization expresses its commitment to the application of the following basic principles which constitute the foundations of our Quality Policy:


1. To DEVELOP a model of excellence adapted to the specific field of our company.


2. To IMPLEMENT AND KEEP a Management System that develops our model and provides the human, material and organizational means to ensure its compliance.


3. To INFORM the staff about the Quality Policy, as well as the commitments and principles contained therein and make it available to the public.


4. To COMPLY with all the applicable legal requirements, as well as the ones established by the customers, so as to provide confidence to all the parties involved.


5. To VERIFY periodically the effectiveness and appropriateness of the Management System and update, when necessary, its elements to ensure the continuous improvement.


6. To ENSURE the training and development of our human team in all the related activities, as a fundamental part of the continual improvement process.

Quality Policy

Urea (UF)
Phenolic resin (PF)





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