At Comsan we design and manufacture toilet seats that combine technical and aesthetic solutions that guarantee the levels of quality, design, durability, maintenance and hygiene that our clients demand, which is why we only manufacture our products with thermosetting resins of Urea (UF) and Phenolic resins (PF).
Urea Seats (UF):

Urea resin (UF)

Our toilet seats and covers made of urea resins (UF), commonly known as Duraplast, are made from specific high-performance moulding powders in terms of process, durability and hygiene.

Long durability

Product with a high standard quality looking and feel, as well as high resistance to both cleaning products and UV rays, etc. Obtaining a long durability product, maintaining its benefits compared to products made of thermoplastics.

High resistance

Urea seats stand out for their hardness, flex resistance, scratch resistance and humidity, and have a very low water absorption, which makes them an unalterable material with great durability

Smooth and slightly porous surface

They have a smooth and slightly porous surface, perfect for maintaining optimal cleaning and hygiene conditions, as well as a high gloss that gives it a porcelain appearance.

Antibacterial agents

They also incorporate antibacterial agents that inhibit and prevent the growth of bacteria on their surface.


Phenolic resin seats (PF)

Exclusive product, manufactured based on its own, original and unique raw material formulation from phenolic resin, and a wide variety of finishes with a polyurethane paint-based enamel with antibacterial components that inhibit and prevent the growth of bacteria in its surface.

They stand out for their unbeatable design and finish possibilities, unalterable colours, hardness, hygiene, high resistance to humidity and excellent surface finish, especially on the edges.


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Urea (UF)
Phenolic resin (PF)





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